Skip Protocol Partnership

Skip Protocol Partnership

Union has found a natural partner to help onboard developers easily to its novel zk-IBC technology in Skip – the team behind the #1 developer platform for traditional IBC. This means that Union’s zk-IBC will be immediately accessible to developers, users, & applications on the 70+ chains Skip API already supports.

Skip API

Skip API is the market-leading interoperability infrastructure platform for the interchain. It provides a universal routing solution to help developers transfer & swap tokens throughout Cosmos, Ethereum L2s, and Celestia rollups easily. By partnering with Union, Skip will offer developers on its platform access to Union’s trustless zk-IBC messaging layer.

Union’s Trustless zk-Technology

Union’s trustless zero-knowledge technology will significantly enhance the capabilities of the Skip API by giving developers access to cheaper and more secure cross-chain messaging.

Let’s break down the benefits:

  1. Enhanced Security with Zero-Knowledge Bridge: Union’s trustless ZK architecture uses consensus verification. This ensures that transactions across different blockchains are settled without any third party interference. This will provide an additional layer of security and privacy for cross-chain transactions built with the Skip API.
  2. Seamless Cross-Chain Swaps for Users & Devs: Union’s mission to simplify cross-chain interactions aligns perfectly with Skip API’s mission to empower developers to build cross-chain apps more easily. The integration will give developers access to single-transaction any-to-any cross-chain swaps through zk-IBC.
  3. Cheaper Cross-chain actions: Union’s efficient handling of cross-ecosystem transactions means that developers using the Skip API can reduce the costs of transferring messages and tokens between the Cosmos and Ethereum ecosystems, improving the user experience of their applications.
  4. Powerful developer utilities: Developers using Union will benefit from the advanced developer utilities in the Skip API designed to make every aspect of building a dapp on top of Union easier. This tooling includes Skip API’s smart DEX routing, real-time transaction tracking, universal transaction gas & execution time estimates, and rapid relaying. These features will make Union easy to use – even for developers who don’t have experience with IBC or other bridges.


Skip API will have full, end-to-end support for Union’s testnet in its developer platform shortly. This will include support for cross-chain swaps, transfers, and contract calls, as well as fast relaying, tracking, and more. If you’re a developer interested in using the Skip API to build on top of Union, reach out to [email protected].

In summary, the integration of Union’s trustless zero-knowledge bridge with Skip API will dramatically enhance cross-ecosystem developer experience & capabilities for both platforms’ users. It will bring a new level of security, privacy, efficiency, and user experience to cross-chain interoperability, making it more accessible and reliable for developers and end users alike.

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