Union and Stargaze Bridge Blue-Chip NFTs to Cosmos

Union’s zk-IBC bridge will be used to transport NFTs for the first time between Ethereum and IBC

Union Stargaze Partnership

New York, NY – May 16th, 2024Union, the Modular Interoperability Layer, is partnering with the zero-gas NFT app chain Stargaze to enable the transfer of blue-chip Ethereum NFTs to Cosmos via its trustless, decentralized zkIBC bridge. This collaboration marks the first initiative aimed at achieving trustless interoperability for NFTs between these two ecosystems.

This integration promises significant benefits for collections in both ecosystems. Once completed, Stargaze NFT collections such as Bad Kids will get exposure to the Ethereum ecosystem by being listed in Ethereum marketplaces. Similarly, blue chip Ethereum NFTs such as Cryptopunks, BAYC and Pudgy Penguins will find their new home in Stargaze. NFT collections minted on Stargaze, such as the Celestine Sloth Society, will also benefit from the expansion to ETH. This expansion will result in increased volume across both sides of the ecosystem, generating more royalty fees for creators.

Union Polygon Stargaze diagram

Boasting zero gas fees and a carbon-neutral footprint, Stargaze empowers creators to launch permissionless collections effortlessly, leveraging no-code solutions. With its minimal fees and enhanced user experience, the Stargaze network offers a more efficient trading environment for NFT enthusiasts.

This partnership will see Union and Stargaze open an IBC channel between their testnets to implement interoperability between ERC-721 and SG-721 standards in the coming months, ensuring efficient mapping and encoding of NFT data. The process aims to facilitate seamless NFT transfers across chains with minimal effort required from Stargaze other than supporting Wasm light clients included in the new Cosmos SDK. Pursuant to Union’s forthcoming integration with the AggLayer, Polygon users can transfer their NFTs to Stargaze and vice versa.

Cor Shane

Stargaze Co-Founder, Shane Vitarana said: “We’re excited to work with Union to bring some of the top Ethereum NFTs to IBC for the first time. This partnership isn’t just about moving assets; it’s about connecting communities and simplifying the blockchain experience for everyone. As we bridge these ecosystems, we’re tackling the challenge of fragmentation head-on. It’s about making Stargaze not just a platform, but a community hub for the best NFTs out there, regardless of where they started. I’m thrilled about the possibilities this opens up for our users, enhancing the variety and accessibility of high-value assets. We’re setting a new standard for interoperability and creating a more integrated, accessible NFT marketplace.”

Among the projects eager for this integration is Hedgies, a series of 4200 unique collectible avatars distributed to the dYdX community at its inception. Following dYdX’s move to the Cosmos ecosystem in October 2023, Hedgies’ owners have been long anticipating the ability to transfer their NFTs to the Cosmos ecosystem.

Union plans to showcase the capabilities of this new cross-chain NFT communication by launching an exclusive collection across both the Ethereum and Stargaze networks to commemorate its upcoming mainnet launch, with further details to be shared in the coming months.

Union Labs Co-Founder, Cor Pruijs concluded: “Trustless interoperability between Stargaze and Ethereum NFTs is a no-brainer for both ecosystems. With Union’s zkIBC connection to Ethereum, we support general message passing, allowing us to securely provide merkle-inclusion proofs for NFTs. Because Stargaze is a dedicated appchain, NFTs can be traded in an extremely efficient manner. I foresee more Ethereum protocols offloading computation to appchains, and using Ethereum as a settlement layer.”

Relevant updates will be shared in Union’s Discord channel.

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