Union Brand Kit

Logo, fonts, colors.

Here's our Logo Kit .zip with the following files. We provide svg and png versions for all assets:

  • union-logo-banner-black-transparent.{svg,png}
  • union-logo-banner-transparent.{svg,png}
  • union-logo-banner.{svg,png}
  • union-logo-black-transparent.{svg,png}
  • union-logo-transparent.{svg,png}
  • union-logo-wide-black-transparent.{svg,png}
  • union-logo-wide-transparent.{svg,png}
  • union-logo-wide.{svg,png}
  • union-logo.{svg,png}
Download union-logo.zip ->


Our font is the Display Variant of Inter v4. The display variant is assigned to an opsz variable-font axis, and exposed as a second family "Inter Display" as static fonts.

Download Inter-4.0.zip ->


  • White
  • Gray 300
  • Gray 400
  • Background Gray
  • Black
  • Accent