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Conditional Light Clients

When bridging into L2s such as Scroll, the IBC light client on L1AL1_A tracking a L2L2 on L1BL1_B needs to take the Settlement Condition into account. This is known as a conditional client. Union is the first team to ship conditional IBC clients.

* This is a conditional light client

Above you can see the IBC L2 Light Client architecture. The L2 Light Client on L1AL1_A is tracking both the consensus of L2L2, and the settlements of L2L2 on L1BL1_B through the light client of L1BL1_B on L1AL1_A.

The L1AL1_A light client on L2L2 is able to track the consensus of L1AL1_A directly, because L1AL1_A does not need to settle.