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Frequently Asked Questions

As we continue onboarding validators and expanding the testnet, we’ll populate this page with FAQs in regard to becoming a validator on the Union Testnet.

How can I become a validator?

We started our testnet with the goal of onboarding 64 validators. The sign-up form for these first 64 slots has been closed.

We have now expanded union-testnet-6 to support 128 validators. Those interested can submit their Union address to the Subo Survey Bot on our Discord to have a chance of being selected as a validator and receiving tokens from the Union team. The Subo “Union Testnet Validator Intake Form” is set to close on February 19th, 2024.

Do you have any public REST/RPC/gRPC endpoints?

Yes, you can find them listed on the Public Endpoints page.

Why can’t I submit transactions to localhost when using docker run?

Ensure you have exposed your host machine’s network via the --network flag in docker.

My query commands aren’t using values from my client config?

Due to an issue in the cosmos-sdk, commands using AutoCLI do not respect the --home flag and instead always try and read the default home. As a temporary fix, we’ve removed the behavior reading the default home, always require a --home flag, and moved all tx commands away from AutoCLI. However, query commands still use AutoCLI and won’t read the --home flag.

To get around this behavior, we suggest always supplying --node and --chain-id when using query commands.

Other questions?

Please join our Discord and ask around in our community.