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Getting Started

Welcome to the Union Testnet! This guide will instruct you on running a node and creating a validator for union-testnet-6.


These are the general steps for running a node and creating a validator for the Union testnet.

Running the Client Binary

To begin - you first need to obtain and run the client binary, uniond.

Officially, we only support running the binary as a Docker container. You’re free to extract and run the binary manually, but we won’t be providing first class support for issues running uniond outside the binary.

We offer two Docker images that are capable of running the client binary.


Unionvisor is a utility for managing uniond deployments. It manages running, upgrading, and interacting with the node. Read our guide for Running Unionvisor to learn more.


For more manual control, we also release each version of uniond as a Docker image. You can learn more in our Running the Client Binary guide.

Getting Testnet Tokens

For validators who were chosen to be in the initial set of 64 validators, please see our Getting Testnet Tokens guide.

For others seeking to become validators, please stay tuned for more information. The best place to get the most recent information is our Discord.

Creating a Validator

Once you have the tokens required to create a validator and have synced your node, you can follow our Creating a Validator guide to complete your onboarding.


During the onboarding process, these resources may be useful.


If you have any questions while completing the onboarding process, please first visit our FAQ.